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Tim O'Neil
Aug 22, 2021
In Share Your Memory
In addition to all the wisdom and support Paula offered me over the years while I was starting out in Los Angeles, I wanted to mention that while watching her Memorial today how struck I was by her background in all things music. I should have known she was a piano teacher and undergraduate music student, of course. I didn't know until today! One of my fondest memories of Paula was when I told her that one of my dreams as a young man was that one day I would meet a girl who would love the band Wilco as much I did. I had in fact met that woman, who by then had become my wife. The next time I saw Paula, she shared with me that between Bennett (whose college radio show we talked about often, her deep pride in it written all over her smile) and me, she had begun listening to Wilco and especially loved their latest album at the time, Whole Love. I remember how we bonded over the title track and marveled about how rich it was. Bennett, your speech today about your Mom, and the "love, love, love" she modeled for you, so wonderfully constellated that gift of life she was so engaged with in so many ways. Her love lives on through all of you. And she will live in Taryn and I's hearts in tandem. Chuck, Bennett, and Drew, Your Memorial to her today was as beautiful as she.

Tim O'Neil

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